Keys to Unlock Your Well-being

by Anne Naylor – 

Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe you feel stuck right now. I have heard it said that our greatest problem is a lack of awareness about how to handle a situation. When we start to take action, we are motion and begin to feel better.
The action we take may not produce the exact result we are looking for but it will take us nearer to it. Actions that seem ineffective nevertheless teach us something – possibly about what NOT to do.
Keep taking action. There is a story of two frogs in a bucket of cream. One is despondent, does nothing and well, sinks. The other keeps kicking. Sooner or later, he surmises in a froggy kind of a way, the cream will turn into butter and he will hop out.
A simple formula for success I use is:

1. Do more of the things that work for you.
2. Do less of the things that do not work.
3. Experiment and be creative in finding new approaches that will be successful for you.

Keeping a positive focus, knowing your direction and destination, will keep you in touch with possible next actions to take. Do not worry if they do not produce the answer. Keep going! Stay engaged in the attempt. Endure until you get there.
This guided visualization will assist you to lift above any stuckness you may be experiencing and encourage you to take that one next step.
Getting In The Flow
Begin by taking in a deep breath and letting it go. Drop your shoulders. Be aware of your breath. Let it be.
Think of a river… Observe the sounds, the sparkle of sunshine on it, and imagine yourself in the river, being carried by its natural flow. Notice the refreshing coolness of the water, the ever changing scenery as you flow with it, the plants, other life – fishes that brush past you – the rocks and pebbles that tickle you and make you come more alive.
As you flow with the river, become aware of the destination, of your magnificence, the great ocean of love and mercy that is waiting for you, a greater life, that you are one drop among many and that you do count. Feel the quality of expansion fill you as your joy and enthusiasm grow and bless every cell of your body.

Creating Space
You become aware that you can open the floodgates through your service to others, asking for the support you need and giving it to others, giving away that which you no longer need, value or have use for. Creating space for greater flow in your life.
You find yourself joining the stream of life, flowing with what you want in your heart. 
You are seeing the wealth of who you are as a blessing to give, to receive more fully and to share with others. 
In this is an awakening of your heart – that which gives to you and sustains you. With this too, an awakening of love, an awakening to the magnificence of who you are…
And you love it all.
  • Love the waters that flow
  • Love the rocks that make the journey interesting
  • Love the lessons that the rocks provide
  • Love the depths
  • Love the shallows
  • Love the still moments
  • Love the torrents
  • Love it all.

Take in another deep breath. Let it go. Allow yourself to come more present in your surroundings now. Notice what is immediately around you and the peace that is within you. Make a note of any insights you received and the practical action you can take to unlock your greater well-being.
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