A “working out loud” credo

quantum shifting

photo by John Wenger photo by John Wenger

I love the “working out loud” approach.  It’s highly social, which now, after years of personal work, runs through me like a stick of rock.  In that (ongoing) personal journey, I have learnt not only the benefits and indescribable joys (and sometimes, the excruciating pain) of joining the rest of the human race, but also how to do it.  WOL also gives us the opportunity to exercise our opposable minds with each other. This is our ability to hold seemingly contradictory or conflicting ideas in a creative tension so that we come up with novel solutions or insights.  The idea that we can co-create something that neither of us could have worked out individually is highly appealing to me.  The challenges before us, many of which seem intractable, are products of old ways of thinking and being.  One of my things is that the new solutions will come out…

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