The Field of Awareness

by Kip Mazuy – 

Awareness is not concentration. Concentration is narrowing your attention on one particular object, shutting out everything else. Concentration is something you do with effort.

Awareness is not fixating attention on a particular object but rather relaxing attention into attention itself as all-pervading consciousness. It is not a doing but rather relaxing back into what is already here. Awareness encompasses everything, allows everything and in that allowing, everything becomes one. Without the allowing of what is here, you cannot be fully aware.

The beauty of awareness is that anything that is in the field of awareness gets transformed back into its essential nature of peace. 

The sense of separation between object and awareness dissolves and the apparent object itself merges into consciousness. If you feel a particular emotion or a painful experience, in allowing that pain or emotion to rest in your awareness, it gets transformed into peace.

Whatever you resist, whatever you remain unconscious to or distract yourself from continues to hurt you, continues to dictate your life and lead you further into separation and stress. So if there is unhappiness, know there is something there you are unconsciously resisting. The moment you can be honest of its presence and allow it completely, then awareness transforms it into peace.

There might be a tug of war that takes place between the ego and awareness, between resistance, control and surrender. But if you persist in that allowing everything dissolves back into peace, back into its essence of unmanifest consciousness.

In this way, you feel fulfillment in the oneness of consciousness. 

Even outer situations can get transformed. And if you continue to rest in awareness in this way, then even the sense of me dissolves into consciousness. Even the body, the mind, all sense of self, even the flow of energy dissolves into consciousness, to a place of zero-point nothingness; an absence of everything.

This nothingness cannot be defined, described or understood except to say it is transcendent and free of everything. It is prior to everything. In this, you are free from all bondage. Recognizing this to be what you are, you live in freedom.

About Author: Kip Mazuy – After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of relaxation and meditation in the listener. For More Information and Free Samples Visit How To Meditate Deeply.
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