What Calls To You?

by Jay Forte –

If you listen, really listen, you can hear the voice inside you that gives great guidance. It pulls you to things you are interested in and good at. It pulls you to things that activate your passions and abilities. Listen for this because it has very important information for you.

I have a friend who is an artist – a photographer. He doesn’t see things the way most of us do – he sees lines, colors, textures and shapes everywhere. It is as if a voice inside him says look here, watch for this and notice this. It calls to him. He follows. His photography is amazing. It makes him happy.
In my life, I love language – I love grammar, rhyme, poetry, prose – even foreign languages. I used to leave notes at home in phonetic transcription (when the note was read, the message sounded like it had an Irish, German, French or Australian accent). Weird huh? Not really. Language calls to me. I don’t just listen for what people say; I focus on how they say it. I hear flat vowels from New England, frontal vowels from Chicago and rounded lip vowels from New York and Long Island. Again, weird? Yeah, maybe, but I still love it. It calls. I listen and follow. I can spend hours writing. It makes me happy.
What calls to you? 

When you aren’t distracted by a world that tells you who and what you should be, what you should think and what you should notice, you create the space for your own voice to share its thoughts with you. It guides you wisely if you listen. But for that to happen, you must value its voice and create the quiet to hear it. As I share in my Life Possibilities workshops, “When we quite the chatter in our minds, we allow the meaningful things in life to find their voices.”

And when you listen, you will be guided to things that connect with the true you. 

You will find yourself wanting to go to a lecture or read a book on something your friends think is crazy. You find yourself looking for others who share your belief in or love of in science, weather, landscaping, bird watching, paddle boarding, differential equations or tandoori cooking. The Internet can help us find our tribes – those who hear and are moved by a similar voice.

The other amazing thing about discovering and listening to your voice, is it introduces you to your greatest abilities. Our abilities come from the way our brains (our DNA that formed our brains) spark. Some people like my artist friend sees the details in things that others have no aptitude to see. I hear things in language that others don’t. We are each special – gifted – unique in our way. This ensures that there is room for all of us to live a life that matters, is happy and is successful on our terms. That voice that calls is how we learn of our greatness.
I find that the voice that calls to us isn’t the least bit interested in fame, fortune or power.

It is only interested in helping you connect with something that makes you feel successful, happy and joyful. When we stop listening to society’s voice insisting that we be rich, famous or powerful, we’ll connect with our internal voice, the one what will lead us to our treasure, and that treasure will be loving the moments of and the events in our lives.

Listen to your inner voice. Quiet the chatter to let this voice speak. What does it wish for you? What does it direct you to do, be, accomplish, invent, experience or change. Trust it. Listen to it. It will guide you well.

About Author: Jay Forte, the president and founder of The Greatness Zone LLC, is an author, motivational speaker and certified life and workplace coach. He and his organization help others discover and connect their unique abilities to opportunities in today’s world to live and work with purpose, passion and power – to know themselves, find their fit and transform their world. 

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