Manifesting of the Divine New Earth

by Mashubi Rochell – 

A new level of embodied light on the Earth is creating a dimensional vortex that is transforming physical matter at an accelerated rate. This is causing a dramatic upsurge of emotional, physical and spiritual purification and bringing to a head many long standing issues and impasses that must now be addressed.
You are entering a new time that will see a more intensified expression of spiritual purification on the Earth. At the same time, you will also see, feel and experience the largest spiritual awakening on the Earth that has ever been seen. This will not be readily apparent in news headlines but will dramatically affect the lives of all beings on the Earth.
Although all souls who are currently embodied on the Earth have chosen to be here during this significant time of transformation, the human embodied self may be unfamiliar with the new experiences of energy, emotion and spiritual reality that will be revealed in this new time.
Humanity does not yet even have a language for many of the spiritual realities that will be discovered in this new era that is emerging.

The heart, soul and consciousness of each embodied soul on the Earth are being affected by the dimensional shift that is currently in progress and that is transforming the very nature of physical reality on the Earth. The presence of Christ Light on the Earth is creating a large scale manifestation of embodied spiritual light that is anchoring into the atoms and molecules of the Earth and accelerating the vibrational frequencies in a completely new way that has never before been experienced on the Earth plane.

This is an achievement of monumental proportions for the Earth and all those who are participating in the transformation of the Earth. All that is sacred and holy now has a place on the Earth to stand and be seen, heard and felt.
All that is not of love and light now will be completely visible for what it is. The increasing presence of divine love on the Earth will transform all energies of separation, darkness and fear. A new day is dawning, beloved children of God and we celebrate with you the emergence of the divine New Earth that is manifesting now.
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