Energetic Intentions

There is so much energy inside you that you give out all day long. It goes to thoughts, to people, to activities; this is wonderful if you are in harmony with where you are focusing your energy. 

If your energy is going to a place that is not so joyful for example to a person who is demanding the heart starts to become heavy. When the heart becomes heavy, abundance does not flow. Abundance is everything not just money, so often you do not need money. You can be given items of monetary value for example. You do not always need the cash in your hand to create the item you need.

When you open to the flow of life, that which you need and desire can come to you effortlessly. Many have misunderstood this, it is a powerful principle and one that does not come from an ego or a mental desire but the truth of what you need in any moment.

Energetic intentions are so much more powerful than physical intentions. For example, if you say, “I wish to open to more love, more joy or more abundance” and then allow the Universe to send the details of these energies to you, you will not only manifest quicker but you will have some nice surprises along the way. Life is supposed to be surprising.

–Zapharia through Lee, from Earth Meditation – Abundance in ‘Energy Speaks – Volume Two’

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