Expanding Our Perception of Reality

by Matt Kahn – 

Earth is exiting a 4th dimensional alignment and coming into an anchored position of the 5th dimension.  

When the planet itself is coming out of the 4th dimensional alignment into a 5th dimension, of course those who are under a radical or progressive spiritual path, they themselves are going through a very dynamic shift to move as quickly as possible out of the 4th dimension into the 5th. 

In the 4th dimension, we find the construction and the creation and maintaining of what is commonly known the spiritual ego, and when earth was in the 3rd dimension alignment, there are many light workers and energetically sensitive beings who are traversing their way  through the 3rd dimension and awakening to insights that extended their perception of the universe.  And while those greater ideas and concepts moved them from the 3rd to the 4th, now we have an even more radical path that has 5th dimensional awareness moving beings out of the 4th and then to the 5th. 
And so right now, with the energy that’s coming to the planet whether it’s from solar flare activity or cosmic alignment, the energy that’s coming to the planet is acting like a magnifier and what it is doing is just going into the energy field of each person who is open to spiritual revolution and it is magnifying anything that is not an alignment with the 5th dimension. 
FORM VS SPIRIT: So there is a great opportunity right now that is challenging.  The deepest beliefs and the most long-held spiritual ideas are being unraveled with all of the judgment and distinctions that separate divine reality from the material world; so, instead of being like the one in the 3rd dimension, where we are beings trying to move from a concrete material world and move into a spiritual reality, we’re actually going through all the ups and down, emotional upheavals and all the things that are happening, allowing us to erase the line of distinction that separates form from spirit, so whether we feel more like spirit in one moment or more like a form, and pursue the spirit, what we really want to do right now to initiate ourselves to the 5th dimension. It’s not about form versus spirit.

Let’s just acknowledge and release the judgment that make us think that they’re two different things.

Transcript Excerpt (Matt Kahn)

Matt Kahn Interview


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