Global Consciousness and Beyond

by Peggy Black  – 
Message from the team

We are here connecting with your conscious awareness, triggering the ever expanding energy of who you truly are as multidimensional beings of great potential. We realize that your focus is mainly anchored in this reality, which has a purpose and goal for this adventure on the timeline. However we want to continue to stretch your awareness.
We often speak of consciousness. We often acknowledge you for your expanded consciousness or your awakened consciousness. Yet we ask you what consciousness is?
Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon. Your philosophers, scholars and now neuroscience pioneers have tried to explain and comprehend the nature of consciousness and pin down its essential properties.
Let us offer a possibility for your consideration. It is the energetic connection within all living things. It is the field of energy that expands beyond your physical body.
Your sciences are beginning to understand that an infant, even before birth, is conscious, observing and storing the mental information from their surroundings. The infant is connecting with the energy field of those around them, the emotional and mental vibrations that are being offered. However the infant does not have the ability to express in spoken words what they are observing and young beings are often invalidated when they can share their awareness. 
Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment. Being awake and aware of your surroundings is to be conscious
Consciousness continues to expand as you grow into maturity. It is an inward sensibility of something, an awakened mental activity of reflecting or reasoning. It is internal recognition of what is considered right or wrong as regards one’s actions and motives. This is the basic beginning and awareness within your human form.
We have observed that your consciousness is often boxed in by conditions and programs that have been offered to you through words or vibrations from your surroundings and from others. These conditions frame the way in which you view your reality and the world. It is a programmed consciousness, a limited consciousness.
What has been occurring upon your planet is that there are those who have realized this limitation in consciousness and have begun to increase their understanding and knowledge of what expanded consciousness might be.
You are beginning to recognize that everything has a consciousness, from the tiniest of your insects to the largest of your mammals. All living things have a form of consciousness which connects them to the matrix or energy field of cosmic consciousness.
Your sciences are in debate, unwilling to acknowledge that true consciousness is outside the mind. They continue to hold the limited belief that awareness is only available within the brain and the human mind. The evolution that is occurring within humanity is pushing against the walls of this box of limited beliefs.
Consciousness is a field of energy and vibrations. It is with your mental abilities that you connect to the cosmic field of consciousness. This field has many names: quantum mind, quantum entanglement, synchronization of the brain or the morphogenetic fields.
When you begin to allow and welcome the idea of your expanded quantum mind, this invites a connection to higher functions and consciousness, such as insight, empathy, love, abstract and symbolic thinking, telepathy and intuition. Through these, you connect to the cosmic field of your true multidimensional awareness, claiming the powerful yet subtle energy of true knowing and divine inspiration.
We invite you to begin to allow your awareness to stretch beyond your limited programs or beliefs, knowing that you are always connected to the infinite field of divine consciousness. Begin to play in the field of all possibilities.
Remember it is the coherent heart’s awareness that is the door to this quantum field. This is also your portal to the so called Akashic Records which are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This information and knowledge is available everywhere at all times when you allow yourself to expand into this field. 
 Every living thing is a part of, and intimately connected with, the field of global consciousness. Allow yourself to own this connection to all humanity and all living beings. It is this understanding and this awareness which will support and assist you in the realization that you can, and truly do, add to the well-being or the detriment of the whole. Remember to ask yourself, is this word, action, thought, or emotion life-diminishing or life enhancing.
Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy or gratitude, you are doing global service work on a personal level. Each time you allow yourself to connect to the quantum field, the cosmic consciousness; you are anchoring a level of vibration in the unconscious field of humanity. You are truly activating the evolution of consciousness for the whole.
We understand that your ego-self and your small mind can become focused in this physical reality; we also understand that a certain focus is needed and important for the well-being of your physical body. However, we continue to invite and encourage you to step outside your box of limitations and own that you are a significant aspect of the global mind. You actions and thoughts do add to the quality of life in the dimension.
Understand also that being a part of the global mind; you telepathically, energetically, connect to all other minds, even those whom you judge with hatred or prejudice. Now is the time to bring a more loving vibration to this global mind. You have the power and the ability to influence this field and uplift the collective consciousness.
You have the support of the realms of the non-physical beings who are ever ready to reinforce, accommodate and collaborate with you heart’s intention to create a reality that supports and nurtures all life forms.
You have the support of the realms of the non-physical beings to assist you personally to connect in a real and profound manner to the cosmic consciousness, the quantum field of all possibilities. Begin to ask, begin to invite, and begin to allow. You are a key player in the unfolding of this reality and the universe.
We acknowledge you for your willingness, and especially your courage, to be the conscious instrument of infinite intelligence. We invite you to continue to open all the doors and windows of your awareness; be available for new and fresh insights and inspirations. Be available to anchor new levels of consciousness into the mind of humanity. Remember when one is uplifted all are uplifted. 

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