Multidimensional Transformers

by Peggy Black –

When you stay in the present moment, conscious in your own magnificence, viewing the outside events from a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation there is a flow.

There is a connection to the higher matrix, the divine weaving, in which all things are possible. It is through the heart portal that this higher matrix is available.

Humans are multidimensional transformers of dense low frequency vibrations. Most humans have shut down their heart portal. They have experienced emotional pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection. These frequencies are theirs to transform, their gifts to offer the collective.

First each human transforms their own dense low frequency vibrations. It is their service to uplift the frequency of pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection that is carried within their personal energy field of the heart.

Once the heart portal is cleared of any pain, real or imagined, it is now a powerful transformer and can be used in service to transform the dense frequencies of fear, hatred, prejudice and numbness that is in the collective.

There was an exercise offered by one of your sages in which you would breathe into your heart the suffering of the world and breathe it out transformed. This is a powerful alchemical practice.

Another powerful alchemical practice is offering your joy, gratitude and appreciation into each NOW. It is important for each human to step into the magnificent ownership of their personal multidimensional sovereignty.


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