Within Your Own Reality

by Jennifer Hoffman –
Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies of times when your efforts were limited by situations in which your light was rejected. These are often expressions of your martyr and victim consciousness, when you offered yourselves as a healing light to your soul groups knowing that they were not yet prepared for their transformation.

Your role in the world is to shine your light in all of its expressions. You can do that, no matter what the world does in response. 

The world will eventually turn towards the light when it has experienced enough darkness. When the world can find power in love it will no longer need fear. It must experience both to make that choice. You can be the love the world needs to have as one choice among many.

All Lightworkers have had lifetimes of service in the world, to be forces for change and transformation. The light was always extended even though there were many lifetimes when it was extinguished because the world wasn’t ready to release its fear. Those times you felt betrayed by Source and the belief that you were abandoned and not supported as a source of light and love was created. This belief has reverberated throughout your lifetimes and it is strongly expressed within your soul group.

Through the ego you have translated this role of bringers of the light to mean that you have come to change the world. You have simply come to be a source of light, a connection to the light and love and Source for those who are willing to see and recognize it to acknowledge it and accept it into their own hearts and being.

From these experiences you have pushed yourselves further into dimming your own light, limiting the expression of your gifts and not choosing the path of powerful creation for yourselves.

If the world does not change and accept you and your gifts, you believe that you are not worthy of the joy, love, abundance and success that are your divine birthright. You martyr yourselves on behalf of the light and yet that is merely an expression of your own fear that by being powerful you are a threat rather than an inspiration. You can be all you desire and want to have, every dream is possible for you when you shine your light and are willing to accept blessings for yourselves.

The path of the martyr and victim is not the highest expression of your energies and limiting your abundance is not in integrity with your truth. You can be all things within your life as you express who you are to a world that may or may not accept it.

Be your truth, that is all you can do and allow the world to follow its path until it is ready to make its own transformation. You have come to bring the truth of divinity and ascension to the world, express that in your own life and you will be the change the world seeks.

Each of you can change the world when you begin within your own reality and shine your light within you, illuminating your own shadows, releasing your fear, connecting to your inner resources and being the light in your life so you can also en-lighten the world.


One thought on “Within Your Own Reality

  1. This was a very powerful post and I believe that I ran into it first thing this morning because I was feeling very unmotivated to continue my blog- which I have started to try and “change the world” as you say. When I think about the fact that my ego is telling me that I am here to “change the world” as opposed to just continuing to shine light as an example, I understand the difference….however, I am still confused about one thing…. I have been aware of what you are saying – even the ego part and I try to push that down and let myself come out, but where do I find motivation to continue if no one seems to listen or care? Don't misunderstand me – I understand that they will not listen or care until their own experiences allow them to, however, I cannot help feeling a lack of motivation because I don't feel the change that I may be creating.
    You seem to have a higher awareness than most people, and I never ask anyone these questions, because most people would not understand what I am talking about. Maybe you can answer them.


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