Opening a Vortex of Blessings

Right now angels are looking for willing hearts, hearts that are willing to receive more. For the new light that is entering your world is charged with an abundance of blessings and the greater your willingness to receive, the more of this light of blessings can become part of life on Earth. If you choose, you can, as you read these words, welcome more blessings into your life and sense or imagine a beautiful vortex of angelic love and light opening upwards from your heart and the sparkling light of blessings showering down from above.

Learning to receive – The biggest challenge for you over the coming years may be: “How much can I receive? How much joy can inhabit this human body? How can I allow my life to become even better?” For what are offered are gifts of an intense light that reaches to the core of your being and awakens a new sense of who and what you are. You are learning to let go of old fixed ideas about yourselves, so that more and more of your energy field may take on the frequency patterns of joy.

Counting your blessings – One of the simplest ways of opening to receive more is to experience gratitude for all that you already have. Be imaginative here. As well as all that springs to mind, notice what you might normally take for granted or overlook. For instance, when you are grateful for the food you eat and for the many people around the world who have played a part in bringing even a simple meal to your table, you might include the hundreds of generations who bred and improved the plant varieties that are now on your plate.

Opening your heart – The expression of gratitude opens your heart so that it may hold even more of the love the Source of All has for you. Gratitude brings you together as well and when you come together your heart centres unite. United hearts can hold even more than each of you are able to when you feel that you are separate.

Being the gift you give – Understand that you are a gift. You came to Earth as a gift. You have unique qualities that no other being could bring here but you. When you allow yourself to know this it becomes easier to receive and in receiving you naturally overflow with the gift of your own being. You become a doorway through which the Divine may find a fuller expression here on Earth and your human self becomes filled with your divinity.

–Christopher Sell

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2 thoughts on “Opening a Vortex of Blessings

  1. I would love to see 300,000 people following this blog. There is much wisdom here.
    Our feelings are the fuel that power our thoughts and actions; when our feelings are negative, the outcome we create is negative. If you are in this negative space, think of a time when you felt complete love and joy and let it fill you up completely. The negativity will disappear because it has been replaced by love. Then your thoughts and actions will be powered by love and you will thrive. You will positively affect others, too!! ❤


  2. A wise and beautiful post. The Almighty or Universal Power is already inside of us all, just waiting to be heard. Your feelings are the fuel for your thoughts and actions. If you feel joy, love and abundance, your words and actions will be powered by those positive and powerful feelings, and you will be a magnet for attracting positive people and things into your life. If you feel positive about money, instead of always thinking that you don't have enough, more will come. Imagine you already have what you want or need. Imagine how you would feel, walk, talk if you had all of the money you needed and act that way now, as though it has already come to you. There is universal abundance of love, health and yes, even wealth. You just have to open your heart to attracting it to you!


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