Allowing the Best of Life

by Ralph Marston –

Allowing the best of life involves nothing more than becoming aware of your resistance to it. Shine the light of awareness on your resistance and that resistance dissolves into nothing. Allow life’s richness to be, and it flows freely into your experience.

See your pain and frustration for the resistance that they are and suddenly they are no more. If you focus on the concerns of your ego, the resistance builds up. Realize that you are not your ego, and suddenly the resistance has no basis.

Resisting the limitless abundance of life is your own choice. As soon as you understand you’ve made that choice, you can quickly let it go.

Imagine what will happen when you simply stop judging, criticizing and resenting yourself and others. You open yourself to a whole new world of beautiful possibilities.

Feel the resistance that you’ve created within your own life and know that you can choose to peacefully let it go. Let it go and come fully to life.

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