Time as Fluid Flow

by Peggy Black –

Spacious time lives in the NOW. Your beliefs/programs and your energetic stance of struggle creates time that is rather restrictive.

Time, in your earthly hologame, is a sacred belief. It is firmly anchored in your matrix and in all the programs that operate your mental activities. Most humans have some form of this rigid belief about time, with many rules and countless ways to measure time.

Everyone has experienced time being rather fluid. When doing a job in which you are bored, time seems to move slowly. When you are totally engaged in an activity, time disappears and you wonder “Where did the time go?”

This is your perception of time. Remember energy follows thought. Time follows thought. Your thoughts about time arise from your belief system about time.

As humans, you are engaged with the matrix of time. As a multidimensional being you can and do step out of this earthly limited matrix of time. It is a matter of awareness and practice.

Look at your beliefs and question your beliefs about time. Notice how you worship time, how you covet time, how you wrap your activities in limited time. Notice your struggles and seeming stress that is created from these beliefs. Notice how mass consciousness holds these beliefs about time.

Asking you to look at the matrix of time in a new way is similar to asking a fish about the water in which it swims, or the bird about the air in which it flies. The fish is so enveloped by water and bird is so enveloped by air, they cannot conceive of a different reality.

To understand the concept of time one must first know and investigate just how the energy matrix of time controls and runs their life.

  • Notice where time stalls for you and where you allow it to flow.
  • Notice how often you truly stay in the present moment of NOW.

Practice bringing your awareness into each NOW. Notice what you say about time and how you share your limited beliefs about time. “I never have enough time.” “Time is running out.” “Time is speeding up”.

Play with this, allow this to be fun. It does not have to be so serious. Time is not as sacred as you have made it. It is flexible and fluid. Allow yourself to stretch into that unlimited magnificence energy matrix of NOW.

Remember it is from the NOW that you can and do step out of time.

Acknowledge yourself when you experience time as a new spacious form.

Acknowledge when you experience a synchronicity; this is time being fluid.


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