The Promise of Tomorrow

by Mashubi Rochell –

The heartbeat of the Earth is quickening as the pulse of new life expands from deep within her core towards the surface of the planet where all of life awaits the expansion of new light that is happening.

At the present time there is so much suffering present as the Earth’s sacred body expands, adjusts and releases the burdens of the previous cycle’s third dimensional existence.

Now each atom and molecule of physical matter sparkles with new light and new life that seeks to expand along new directions of growth. This time of transition is painful, and yet filled with the promise of God’s life which is manifesting in each heart and in all of life on the Earth.

Most people on the Earth do not consciously know of this transition and yet their souls understand and chose to be present for this time, in order to experience new levels of growth and healing.

At this time when so much suffering is present, your larger self knows of another reality that dances in the wind, the sea, the sky and the trees and which knows of the sacred purpose that is being fulfilled.

God’s purpose is one with your souls unique and individualized purpose for your life. Seek to know God and you will come to know yourself.

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