Whose Truth is True?

by Jennifer Hoffman –

We spend our lives wanting to know the truth because as we are told, ‘the truth shall set us free.’

But as we search for the truth we begin to see that there is not a single truth, everyone has a different version of the truth and even in our own lives, that which we think of as true can change many times.

So what is true and what is not true? If a truth changes, was it ever true in the first place? Will we ever know the truth? And when we know the truth, what happens to everything else we have known up to that time?

The truth is everything we believe based on all of our knowing and experience up until that moment in time. While we look for the truth as the final answer, it is actually what allows us to ask the next question.

Truth repeats itself, like an endless loop, until we uncover a new truth that allows us to move forward, beyond the former truth. Each truth leads to another truth and for each of us, that truth is highly personal and so individualized that it can only be true for us. While our truth is true for us, everyone’s truth is also true, for them. Can we connect with others from the point of our own truth? We can when our truth has points in common and there is no doubt present.

The truth that we deserve love, for example, is true for us. And we must have an unshakable belief in this truth to attract love. But what happens if we find someone who doesn’t believe we are lovable? Is our truth still true? What about their truth? Is it true for us too?

Our truth is not affected when it cannot be validated by someone else, it simply means that it isn’t true for them. They can’t validate that we are lovable because they must have a corresponding truth-that they are lovable. If they do not hold that truth, then they cannot validate it for someone else. But we take this as a sign that our truth is not true and use it to judge ourselves, our truths, our being and our life.

Whoever we ask to validate our truth must have a corresponding truth. If not, they cannot validate ours. So the person who cannot accept you as lovable has issues with accepting themselves as lovable.

When we want others to validate our truth we are taking truth down a path that it wasn’t meant to follow.

Because when we ask others to establish what is true for us, we are speaking from our doubt instead of faith in our own truth.

If we can’t convince ourselves of our truth, we won’t find anyone to do the job for us. What do you believe is true about you? Can you hold that truth no matter how others respond or react?

Are you able to create from your truth in this moment and know that once you have made this true, you are ready for the next step on your life? Find your truth about yourself, engrave it permanently on your heart and within your being so you hold fast to your truth and use it to manifest your life in the way you want to live it.


2 thoughts on “Whose Truth is True?

  1. Namaste sister Jennifer. I have enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing. However, I see truth in a different light. I do not believe truth is a function of your perspective. A change in perspective can bring you closer to truth but cannot change truth.

    “The truth is everything we believe based on all of our knowing and experience up until that moment in time.”

    Truth never changes, it remains constant as we investigate our reality. Truth is a knowing; not a structure of belief.

    If I believe something then I have covered enough ground to go beyond my doubts but I still have not made it completely my own. It is only when I know with my heart that I can truly make a truth my own. I studied philosophy for 30 years but could never “know” a thing. Instead of knowing I was believing, or buying into the ethos of other great masters. When finally placing aside literature; I found Akashic truth from within. There is only one truth. God is love, love is all there is.

    In Lak' ech, my sister, ripples of love…


  2. Yes, Akashic holds all the facts about everything ever happened. They are just that – facts and knowledge.

    But I can see where you are coming from.
    Your post is brilliant and I can't agree more with what you are saying.
    There is no hard set truth for us here on Earth or even perhaps some other place too.
    We come here merely to learn and the truth we learn is interchangeable. We learn from our experiences and from each other. We are all different and any gained knowledge is valuable to us and to all.

    You are right in saying that truth changes with our growth and development. It DOES. It did for me as well, and perhaps it'll change again in my present life.
    I have grown through many a hardships to discover my truth, and I learned to understand that it could change again and again. I believe what I believe at the moment and with all respect for others, I'll stick with my truth no matter what I do or where I go, and that's for the given moment. I am what I am, and the same goes for all of us…
    We learn. That's what we are here for.


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