Bridge to Peace for Others

bridge photo: Bridge bridge.jpg

The realms of all possibilities are within what Lynne McTaggart calls “the field.” When we are in the lower vibration of fear, worry, anxiety, horror, terror, sadness, depression, grief, anger, resentment, hate, impatience, etc., we attract and radiate it in the field for ourself and others. We are then the bridge to the lower vibrations.

In the same respect, as a bridge to extreme high vibrations of kindness, love, excitement, respect, openness, fairness, uprighteousness, courage, gentleness, our actions lead us to fixing, helping, controlling others and environment, fanaticism, judgment, criticism, comparison, inequality, etc.

We swing from one to the other depending on our reaction to the situation determining the degree of our pain or pleasure. 

In pain we like to dramatize the negative. In the extremes of pleasure, we like to dramatize the magic, good fortune, luck.

We can rest assured we will have an equal down for every up and up for every down – just like the pendulum going back and forth until it comes to the centre of its path where peace, love, joy, abundance, contentment and wellness reside.

When we become the observer of the pendulum of our life, we can see where we go too far up or down and choose to come into stillness within our heart where creativity, unconditional love, peace, compassion, detachment, appreciation/gratitude and wellness reside.

For example, if self-hatred is showing up in others around us as self-mutilation, self-deprivation, over indulgence, addictions, then we can know by our reaction and feeling in our body whether we have an emotional charge – the same thing within us – thus, an opportunity to neutralize our emotional charge.

In neutralizing the emotional charge within us, we heal our self and radiate peace to the field. 

From the place of patient peaceful loving neutrality, we become “the bridge” for others, in their own time, to choose life-giving ways. As “the bridge,” appreciate the flow of small miracles, in alignment with the divine within, ever increasing.


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