Shaping the Future

You are shaping the future in every moment, for you are always sending energy out ahead of you and that energy contributes to the future you then experience. 

You live in a time of great change and for some this can feel fearful. Around you may hear the voices of fear creating images of a grim future. 

It does not have to be so; the future does not yet exist and you can choose to send ahead of you energies that shape a beautiful world for you and all humanity. 

Permit yourself the luxury of envisaging that beautiful future you would like to experience. 

 Hold and believe in a vision of peace and plenty, of joy and Love.

*Elaborate upon it, develop it, learn about it; for in this way you begin to discover what practical steps will be needed to bring it into reality.

*Find all the signs of it that already exist in your life; for in this way you draw the future into the present. 

*Find the essence, the flavour, the taste, feel, colour and texture of your vision. Bathe yourself in it. Draw it into your heart.

Now with your heart centre reach out to all those we are calling the Community of Love – people all around the world, with every kind of background and belief system, who also share a vision of a world of peace and plenty, of love and joy – there are many of you.

Consciously connect with the heart centres of those who make up this community.  

Share your vision with them, simply by contemplating, holding it in your mind’s eye, at the same time as you feel or imagine the innumerable heart connections you are making around the world. By combining your vision with your heart connections you are creating a very powerful way of bringing forth humanity’s highest future and drawing it into manifest reality.

–Christopher Sell

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2 thoughts on “Shaping the Future

  1. Yes, a very beautiful post.
    That'd be a good thing to learn.
    Not all of us a community conscious though, this is something to strive for. More spiritually developed people could do that I guess…
    But we all learn and one day some of us like myself will be there too…


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