Letting Go Into Who You Really Are

Letting go is a practice of releasing; having let go is a state of freedom.  Letting go into who you really are is the greatest gift you can give the world. As you let go of problems, judgments, resentments and most importantly, all the beliefs and messages that are not your highest truth, you become free to express your authentic self with others and share your true gifts with the world.

Imagine a world where all the people have let go of their old baggage – past conditioning, limiting programming, judgments and resentments – and they are light, loving, accepting and joyful.

Imagine the connection between people and the synergy within groups, communities and nations.Letting go involves releasing the past and starting fresh in the present moment. It means trusting that you are more than your roles, beliefs and stories.

Many are reluctant to let go because they fear they will have nothing justify. They cling to problems, unhealthy situations, and outworn roles and relationships because it feels safe in its familiarity. They don’t know who they are underneath. They haven’t experienced their true, authentic Self bursting with energy, waiting to express its true nature in the world.

So how does one touch into this state of freedom where they can be themselves, uninhibited, light and joyful? 

By letting go, bit by bit. By first noticing where they hold on, where they resist and where they struggle and then slowly, gently, releasing the hold and embracing what’s underneath. 

Get into the habit of letting go of stress, tension, problems, the past, resentments, false beliefs and anything that limits you from feeling free in life. 

Spend at least 5 minutes each day at the beginning, middle or end of your day with your eyes closed, centered within, doing the following:

Letting Go Practices

♦ Focus on simply letting go of your breath. 
 Let your breath fill your lungs naturally and then focus on the breath leaving your lungs. Notice the release, feel the relief. Notice how naturally your lungs refill. Letting go of your breath doesn’t mean you stop breathing, it allows life to continue flowing.

♦ Let go of stress and tension. 
Notice any tension in your body – where are you holding? Simply let go of holding and watch the tension release. Scan your whole body to find another place where you are holding and continue letting go until your whole body is relaxed.

♦ Let go of thinking. 
Listen to your thoughts and then let them go. Watch as they arise, let them pass through, and then tune into the spaciousness that surrounds them and the stillness behind them.

♦ Let go of resentments.
Carrying resentments around is like carrying someone else’s baggage on your back. If there’s nothing useful for you in the luggage, why carry it around? Notice any judgments or resentments you have towards yourself or others and imagine placing them on the ground. Feel the relief from doing this. Now imagine walking away into freedom.

♦ Let go of old stories. 
What stories do you keep retelling that locks you into repeating them in your life? Be willing to explore the depth and expansiveness of who you are underneath past roles and stories. Imagine taking them off like a piece of clothing or stepping out and away from them like leaving a room. Tune into who you are without your stories.

♦ Let go of limiting beliefs. 
 What beliefs hold you back from expressing yourself and living your life freely? Bring them to your awareness so you can let them go. Dig deep into the core beliefs such as not being good enough, not having love, not being big enough and so on. Look at these beliefs and know they are just untrue messages in your space. Be willing to release them and discover your truth underneath.

As you practice letting go your body will be more energized, your mind more peaceful and your soul free to shine through and light your way in life.

Are you ready to let go?

–Gini Grey 

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