Our Life-Force Connection


by Julie Redstone –

Paying attention to one’s breath is an important way of coming more fully into the present moment. Many people know this, but do not take the time to do it, often because they are too busy with other things to remember to breathe with awareness.

Breath connects us to life-force and to our inner life. It creates a consciousness of what is going on in the body and hear, not just the mind. It opens us to inner guidance. The reasons for not paying attention to breathing at times throughout the day are simple – we are too involved with what is going on in our minds to do so.

Becoming more fully involved in the present moment is a doorway to new experience that cannot happen while one is fully engaged with the mind. What new experience? This depends upon the flow of awareness that is uniquely the inner journey of each soul.

The experience of the present creates a new view of life – one that does not rely on worrying, planning and thinking in order to feel safe. Instead, it relies on trusting, allowing and participating in the flow of life in order to feel safe. This is an important part of the consciousness shift that is happening now and it can happen more fully for those willing to embrace the present moment with love and care as if it mattered. Each moment matters. Each is sacred. But to perceive this one must be there with one’s full self. This is God’s invitation to each soul – to show up at the feast of life.


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