Processing Grief

by Debbie Milam –

Although each of us is different, the one thing all of us will experience is the loss of a loved one. As so many are choosing to leave the planet there is a collective sadness that is filling the air. In the past our family has experienced so much loss. So much at one time that we were never able to fully process one loss before experiencing another one. In the past month I experienced several transitions of loved ones.

Believing in an eternal nature of life always brought me peace, I could come up with a plethora of spiritual accolades surrounding the transition process. Being on a spiritual path I was able feel the presence of my loved ones around me even after they had entered the etheric realm. Although this bypass felt better, I still had emotions that I needed to process. I never truly honored how important the grieving process was until now. I never realized how much I missed their physical presence in my life.

As I sat in the holy sanctuary of our temple last night our beautiful Cantor spoke about the collective grief each of us experiences, how grief enables us to face our own mortality and the gift that the grieving process holds. Her words helped me honor the emotions I was feeling.

I do believe walking through our grief is part of the ascension process. As we fearlessly face the losses we have encountered we honor the fullness of our experience. Experiencing the integration of our humanness and divine nature simultaneously we ascend to a higher level on our life’s journey. So at this moment I sit with my grief and accept it with love. I feel my emotions, then I cherish being alive. I appreciate every moment with my loved ones knowing how precious time is.

As I allow myself to feel my emotions this prayer arose. May it bring peace to any of you who are grieving.

Dear God, As I walk through the abyss of grief I know that thou art with me. Through the sadness, through the tears, I sit in the silence and connect to the depth of your love. Held in your loving arms I find comfort and grace.

Thank you for blessing me with emotions, emotions that show how deeply I love others. Thank you for my tears for they cleanse my body and wash my soul. Thank you for the strength to move through these moments with ease. Thank you for the awareness that there is peace beneath the veil of sadness.

Thank you for showing me how to be present in what is most important in my life Thank you for the fully embodied joy that sits waiting to arise once I have released my emotions. Thank you for the knowing that I can use life to reaffirm life at all moments.

Thank you for the reminder of how precious life is and the aliveness that is always ever present. Thank you for the knowing that all is well and you are walking beside me at every moment. Amen.

May the spirit of your loved ones be
forever a guiding light in your lives.

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