Dissolving Duality

by Yael and Doug Powell – 

When your heart is open completely and your vibration is aligned with the Real, then you as the heart of God are able to encircle the whole Earth and to lift every stream of consciousness, every heart and every atom into the truth of its existence, beloved ones as only perfect Love.
Love Dissolves All Symbols of Duality 
Love brooks no resistance, no obstacles. Love transforms all, dissolving before it every recalcitrance, every shadow and every existence of anti-Love instantly and easily. So what I ask of you is you wake to the truth of your own heart. Let it become the wings of the universe, truly the Twin Flame heart of God I Am.

When you can feel its vastness and feel the rhythm of the one heart beat, then embrace this world, including small little ego selves for even ego dissolves in the grace of pure Love. Anti-Love disappears in its Light, just as shadows disappear in the noon day sun or darkness disappears in that closet when we turn on the Light of God.

So when you are tempted once again to turn to Me and to ask Me how to heal something or how to move beyond the little mind and ego or how to deal with the issues of the world, I encourage you now and in every fresh Now Moment to make this leap into your heart and into the grand awakening of your heart’s true experience as the womb of Creation itself, the generators of Love and that which embraces all that is in tenderness.

As you become more and more available for this experience of yourselves as the Real heart, then you gain the distance that is needed to live from the Real and to transform everything, including the ego mind and all of its limited identities which include every aberration, every reflection of anti-Love at all – whatever it is.

So whatever your prayers might have been in the past, let this be your one true prayer. “Open me, God, to the heart of Love I Am and let me embrace the world.” 

As more and more of you are able to do this and to feel this and to feel the power of your Twin Flame Love, the Love that you generate will transform easily all of the duality of the world and launch it effortlessly into the one truth, the great all-inclusive Love of life that will reveal every life on Earth as exactly that which it truly is – the expression of the Love That I Am as Light and Love, and as the movement of joy.

Your life in the world will become true ecstasy because heart perception will be your only mode and every Now Moment you step forth easily as the heart of God I Am in the world encircling everything with Love. The only way to do this, beloved ones, is practice. Practice connecting to your own heart and allowing your heart to lift you beyond the dream of separation into the Real of Love. 

The more times that you practice this, the more Now Moments that you feel it, the more that your resonance matches Reality and the more you recognize Love’s power. The heart of God you are becomes a force for transformation of the world now.

Not through the ego mind and struggling to gain mastery but by loving everything from the Real as the fully awakened heart of Love. 
The hallmark of this awakening is the feeling of a Love that is so great, it is totally beyond words, beyond all capacity of the ego mind to describe it or to evaluate but rather it is like great waves of ecstasy and feeling and the absolute certainty that Love is the truth of it all.

It is this certainty that brings your heart to focus here – to be the entrance of the Real in the world and allows you to become the fountain of life and of Love that brings these waters of truth to humanity now for the awakening of the bridge world, the world that is new because it is the world that the heart reveals. 

All that seemed to be physical is revealed to be spirit, to be these dancing molecules of living Light powered by the furnace that is Twin Flame Love, reflected through every single life stream in all Creation from the atoms and electrons to you, the cells of the center of the All.

So this Message is not about words but rather about the feeling of the Real and of the Love that is your heart as you expand your vision into the perception of the Real heart you are, the heart of All I Am in the Now, living the one circle of Love. 

You would not be reading or hearing this Message or receiving it directly if it weren’t true that you are available to be this feeling, these great waves of living joy, to embrace, to inundate and transform everything in the world into its true nature. 
This is the miracle of Love. 
Everything that it encircles is revealed in its essence. The essence of all Creation is Love. Thus, the transformation simply becomes the Real awakening of every atom and electron into its true self and all life into its Real nature. Everything else dissolves.



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