Claim Your Life

by Carrie Hart –

Do not be desperate about your life. Frantically searching for the right thing to do disturbs your inner peace and makes it difficult for the new ideas to come to you.

Spend time in a clearing in the forest. Sit and close your eyes. Go deep within and see and feel and know the deep pool of peace in your center and then let that energy emanate out, out and out, filling the clearing and reaching out into the forest.

Then simply be. Be still. Be in peace.

After a time, with the turbulence in your mind quieted down, with the space around you open and inviting, life will have a chance to approach you. 

 New ideas, new people, new approaches, will come to you like little animals in the forest. They are not on a timetable; they come when it is very peaceful and they feel safe. You may have to return to the clearing every day before they feel safe enough to approach.

When they do, first, just feel their presence, then open your eyes and look at them in a very relaxed way, letting yourself connect. Then, after you leave the clearing and are again out in the world, follow through.

Fill yourself with courage and begin to turn the ideas and new approaches into physical reality in your life. 

 Do the research, follow the opportunities, make the phone calls, take the action that was hinted at in your quiet moments in the clearing. For everything that you do, every new contact you make, every idea or new approach that you follow up on, you will learn something and the next day in the clearing, yet more ideas and approaches will come to you. Then take a deep breath of courage and follow through on these as well.

While you are out taking action, a piece of information from one action may marry up with a new contact you have made from one of your brave phone calls, and yet a new action will present itself.

And thus are you led and guided. 

 And in your next quiet time in the clearing, even more ideas for action will present themselves to you. And then, one day, you will realize that you are surrounded by interesting options; new ideas and new contacts feel very comfortable in your presence and are flowing toward you. And instead of asking desperately what you should do, you simply look out at the crowded clearing, pick the most promising possibility, take a deep breath of courage and then act.

Action is a wonderful antidote to fear. 

 Do something you fear and your fear lessens. Do it again and again, and after a time you may even enjoy it. And even if you never reach that stage, you will at least be very proud of having done the thing that kept you locked in fear.

Stand up and speak, make that phone call, walk up to a stranger and talk, learn a challenging new skill.

 Every time you take action like this, you not only reduce your fear for the future, but you begin a chain of new ideas and opportunities that will present themselves to you. Each of these actions is like a door opening to a hallway full of doors.

This is your life and it is full of wonder and opportunity. 

 When you are feeling stuck, then consciously alternate these two states, between deep meditative silence in which you quietly invite newness into your life, and then brave action to follow up on what came to you in the quiet clearing. Look fear in the eye and challenge him; he will always back down.

 This is your life. Claim it. 

 It belongs to you.

 ♥Angel Love♥


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