The Flow of Life

by John Otis and Cheryl Hyland – 

It is important to recognize that there is this infinite flow of life energy that is constantly percolating through your consciousness. There is never an end to it, even when you are resting and you have moved into the sleep state. There is still the flow of life energy that is sustaining the physical embodiment and is sustaining the flow of soul awareness as you move in your dream or sleep state into various aspects of instruction or understandings that then in a very subtle but often pronounced way as well, become part of your life pattern for the following cycle.
We come together once again before the exalted throne of the oneness of all creation knowing that all is connected and all is one. We come to share that which will be helpful, that which will be constructive, that which will be supportive of the unfolding of soul consciousness and the awakening to the truth of who you are as a radiant beam of love and light embodied for the moment, expressing and experiencing the patterns of life energy that are around you, that surround you and are within every aspect of your existence.
Your Interactions with Others

So it is, as you move through your life pattern, you are in a constant state of evolutionary process awakening to the truth of who you are. Part of that experience is your interaction with other souls, with other embodied souls. It is part of your everyday experience within the family unit, within the social, the business, or the cultural world you live in.

There is much that can be gained and much that can be learned from each and every interaction with another embodied soul. 

There is an anticipation often of that which is going to occur when there is such an interaction and even more than anticipation, there are often expectations of what that relationship or what that interaction might be or should be. It is often a very subtle but important part of the interaction when something occurs which is because of the expectation. There is often a subtle or sometimes more pronounced reaction to that which is occurring within the other soul’s experience.

It is important to understand and to feel when these moments of reactionary aspects of your response come to the surface because of the expectation of the other embodied soul not doing or being that which you would anticipate and expect that soul to do or be. It is often again very subtle but it is important to be aware of this response and to then understand why there has been this response rather than the pure joy of interacting and sharing and being the love and light you are and calling forth the same from the other embodied soul, recognizing the oneness and the unity of the creative experience.

Reality of Who You Are

You see, this is the pathway that you are yearning to walk 100% of your time. It is the pathway of awakening to being fully the living reality of who you are as the love and light of creation. When you veer from that singular truth, you become embroiled, if even for a moment, in the response and reaction to the physical, emotional and mental world that is so much a part of your experience.

The pathway you are following is one of bringing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being into alignment with the emerging understanding of the truth of who you are as the pure love and light of creation, as the radiant beam of the Consciousness of Creation in motion.


Be aware of your interactions. Be aware of your reactions or responses to that which is occurring around you, and be aware of your own inner projection of the understanding of who you are. Be aware of feeling love, of radiating light through a touch, through a smile, through a word, through an appropriate suggestion or an appropriate response that does not create a pattern of accelerating a reaction but more brings forth the peace and harmony and the loving relationship that is foundational within the unity of soul relationship.

There is always that potential to live and fully express and to fully be the embodiment of love and light in every interaction with other embodied souls. 

We leave you now with this understanding and share the reality of truth and share the wisdom of truth that comes forth to assist in the awakening process.

Know that you are indeed a soul embodied, that you are indeed a radiant beam of love and light, that you are indeed the immortal, eternal statement of creation in motion and that you are indeed embodied in this lifetime cycle to realize these truths, the singular truth of who you are and then to fully live it. Know that all is connected; all is one. You are I AM, the Love, Light and Life of creation.

Eye of Sacred Wind


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