The Nature of Multidimensionality


One of the most liberating experiences is to move through the erroneous concepts around multidimensionality. 
The language of 3-D is so imbued with terms that imply separation and duality that there is often a false, conscious and also powerful subconscious, image of the true nature of multidimensionality. This is mostly due to our programming around our use of language. It is very revealing to examine what we think the simple word “higher” implies. Just feel the judgments and thoughts that come up if I was to suggest that someone was “higher” than someone else. Superior, more enlightened, better, more successful, had more money, better social class etc., etc., etc.

It is so easy to project all of these qualities onto the word “higher” when we used the terms “higher self” or ” higher dimensions”. It is also often subconscious. I often joke with our classes that if we were to advertise a workshop working with “low” energies, no one would come, but if we had to say that it was a class where we were working with the “highest” energies on the planet, then people would be interested. Thus is the judgment.

Music is our best teacher in understanding the word higher. 

Is a high note superior or warrants our attention more than a low note? Is a high note more divine than a low note? If a high note and a low note were played at the same time they coexist harmoniously and equally in the same space. 

They can create a beautiful sound together. They can be discerned as two separate notes or as a merged sound.

The dimensions and aspects of the self are no different. 

They eternally vibrate in the same space at the same time, all singing the same divine song. The highest resonance of creation and the highest aspect of you is with you now in this same space as you read this article. There is absolutely nowhere to go to find the highest self or a higher dimension. Just like a chord on a piano one can listen for the separate notes or one can hear the full sound.

There is nowhere to go and nothing to wait for to hear the full symphony of creation and hear every aspect of the self. Because everything is energy all vibrations coexist in the same space. A heavier denser vibration does not eliminate or replace higher vibrations. Again just like sound.

Another useful analogy is light. 

If two people hold flashlights crossing the beams of light, both streams of light coexist together where they meet. Even if they are different colours they merged together. They do not replace or displace the other. 
The same is true of all the dimensions in creation and all aspects of the self. The highest vibration of the divine and the highest aspect of the self are absolutely in this space now. It is not above or below, higher or lower (in terms of space). All of creation core exists in the same space.

Like a beautiful piece of music one hears it more clearly when there is no extraneous noise. 

So all that we need to do to hear the “Higher Self” and know the higher dimensions is to be quiet. Just being still and quiet and letting the chatter of the mind soften and melt away will reveal, in that moment the full sound of the divine song. 

All dimensions will be revealed and the Higher Self will look you in the eye and say “I have been here all along”.

–Christine Core 


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