Mindful Awareness

by Jennifer Hoffman – 

With mindful living we are completely in the present, allowing each moment to unfold and expand into the blessings that it holds for us. We are aware of every thought, action and word and how they affect our reality. We use our power wisely and carefully, being fully conscious of the fact that our power affects us and everyone around us. 
Mindful awareness holds a great blessing for us, as it allows us to see every connection and how the Universe conspires to help us on our path and bring us healing where we need it.

Every experience that we have, including the painful ones, is designed to uncover an area of growth, knowledge, understanding or healing. 

This is what we came here to do, we just don’t remember all of the details of our soul contract. Being in mindful awareness reconnects us to those goals and we can view every experience from the perspective of understanding and healing instead of fear. There is no secret to this process and it can make a huge difference in every part of our lives.

Our mindful awareness begins with the idea that we are in control of every aspect of our reality and everyone around us is too. 

From this point, we see situations as an exchange in spiritual growth, healing and understanding. 
Then we understand that no one can ‘do’ anything to us or ‘make’ us do anything. Every interaction is not condensed into a ‘me-them’ situation. We have a wider perspective and can see all of the connections, spiritual, mental and emotional, that are being generated and why.

When we decide to follow the path of mindful awareness we work with Universal energy, accept divine timing, the perfection of every situation and do not fall into judgment of anything or anyone. 

Then we can move forward without expectations, so we are free to create what is in our Highest Good, choosing the best of all outcomes. With awareness our heart and mind are in agreement and work together. 
This week, practice mindful awareness by looking at a situation in your life and asking for clarity as to its purpose and any areas of healing it is bringing you. 
Accept it for what it is and know that once you do, the lesson is over and you can find peace.



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