Take Back Your Control

by Carolyn Gervais –

It is known by those of you who may be reading this, that humanity is evolving and upgrading to a higher state of consciousness. What this means is that the human body and mind, are being rewired. Your DNA is what you might say, unraveling its layers; as it does so it is exposing the body and mind to energies that have an opening affect on all levels.

During this processing and upgrading period, you, your life and your Earth are spiritually expanding through the process of change. Change brings about challenges which affect all levels of experience. Many have been moving through challenges such as vocational changes; financial fluctuations, relationship overhauls and feelings of depression, loss and confusion. If that’s not enough, there is a struggling to maintain balance and equilibrium in all areas of life, including the Earth itself.

Humans are begging for peace of mind; peace for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. For that to take place there must be a willingness to come out of hiding and re-evaluate every thought, every feeling and every belief that has been buried under self-denial. This must take place first on personal levels, before the human condition on the Earth can change.

Every day people wonder why the “All Knowing Power” they call God/The Divine Source/Christ Consciousness or Love, isn’t instantly and magically healing the planet and everyone on it. It’s because dear ones, this is a planet of free-will.

Everyone’s free-will is not only different in many varied ways… it is also at war with other free-wills. Just look at the many variations of cultures and governments that are not willing to resolve their problems with other cultures and governments. Not only is there individual free-will in the mix, there is also the mass consciousness free-will to add to the chaos.

Yes it seems many humans are losing Faith in that Higher Power they once believed would do anything for them, but It still is dear ones. That Higher Power is giving you not only what you need, but what you have asked for. It is the reason why you are here on this Earth now. You have asked to be given the strength and awareness to clean up and heal what you have played a part in creating in lifetime after lifetime on the earth. You came back at this moment in time because you now have the wisdom to heal yourself and your world, but it begins with you.

The powerlessness you may feel in being able to change and heal anything right now is false and it is causing you to look outside yourself to a power that separates you from your higher knowing and the Higher Power you so want to believe in. Wars, crimes, greed and selfishness are all about one power battling another power for supremacy but that isn’t really power is it… it’s force. Force divides and separates. It controls, demands and destroys integrity and dignity on all levels.


True Power is about teachers and leaders, whose words are listened to because they are respected for their integrity and not for their station in life. A person with true power can bring about balance because he/she has a strong willingness and deep understanding of the parts that make up the Whole. True Power is about compassion, a reverence if you will for all of life. It’s about love, communication, harmlessness, honesty and peaceful resolutions.


It’s inside of you; it’s in everyone and all that is required is the willingness to uncover and reveal it. How is this done you ask? It’s important to understand that unless you are ready to look deeply inside your feelings and emotions with the help of the heart, you won’t find what you are afraid of. And if you don’t… fear and denial will continue to hide your power from you. 
Though you have managed to hide what you are afraid of from your conscious mind, you can’t hide the relatives of fear, named anger, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, greed, self-doubt, self ridicule and self-hate.

If you watch your thoughts during your daily routine, you will realize just how much those nosey relatives of fear pop into your mind. Circumstances that trigger them can make them seem impossible to control because that is when they have the upper hand.

Taking time to catch yourself when one of fears’ relatives surfaces and tries to sabotage you in some way, is a place for you to begin asking questions. Questions like: “Why do I feel angry? Why am I feeling such self-doubt?” Or whatever the case may be.

Don’t accept only the first answer that comes to you, because there are answers under answers that go much deeper and deeper in side your mind and heart. 

When you have time to quietly relax by yourself somewhere, ask the questions again and at that time, allow yourself to feel emotion from the answer. 
If the answer is superficial it is not the deepest answer, or that particular relative, such as anger, would not have been there in the first place. Keep doing this questioning daily for as long as it takes for you to find the root belief, the feeling and emotion that you have buried inside your heart and denied expression. 
At that point, you will then decide if the fear can still serve your life, once it is transformed into something positive. For instance the fear could be used as a helpful warning device now that you are aware of it, instead of a controlling device. But if the fear no longer serves you, heal and bless it and let it go.

It is understood that no one can heal what they bury and hide from themselves, no matter how “spiritually aware” they may be. 

Your body and mind hold onto fearful beliefs until they are transformed into something that can be used as an asset in your life or let go. Once fear is transformed, your deeper knowing or intuition will give you guidance in making the choices that will work best for you.

By listening to your inner feelings you will learn to act in the moment, instead of reacting to protect the fear. Often it takes several tries to transform a belief or fear into something that serves you in your life There are many teachers that can help you in that area if need be. If a fear you thought you were free of resurfaces, lovingly say to it, “It’s okay, I know you are just watching out for me, but you are free to go where you are needed and I thank you for your service. ”

Positive thinking methods do not heal denial. Denial is also fear. Positive thinking methods usually serve as a band aid. They cover the wound (fear) until it heals just enough to hide under the surface and seemingly disappear. But the other levels of your body and mind remember the wound (fear) and how much it had hurt. Every time that memory is triggered by something on the surface, the pain is remembered and felt on some level, again and again because the emotional, and or physical wound isn’t healed on the deeper levels of your being. It’s hiding under the surface of your conscious mind where you have buried and forgotten it. When it hurts you feel it but only through its relatives of anger, self-doubt, depression and a feeling of not being safe.


It’s time to end the game of hide and seek and reveal all that is hiding you from you; you from me and me from you. It’s time to awaken to your True Power by awakening on all levels of your being. 
The true feelings and needs that you hide (denial) protect the fear, not you. It is that truth that will set you free. That truth will connect you to the true power that lives inside of you and is one with the One Power that created the Universe. It begins with you who are reading this. Are you ready?

It is time… time to take back your control through the innate strength and wisdom you all have. 

True Power is uncovered by digging beneath what you avoid inside of you and transforming, instead of ignoring. Dealing with the root issues that create not only what you fear, but what those fears have taught you to believe, need to be healed and changed. In doing that, you will greatly increase the healing process for yourself which will then help to heal the world. The rewiring process will then be able to take place more easily and naturally because you will have helped clear the way.


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