The Intuitive Eye

The sixth chakra also known as the third eye, originates between the eyebrows and expands outward, governing the entire upper portion of the head from the top of the forehead to the tip of the nose. This chakra focuses on our ability to see accurately in life. 
It encompasses our ability to analyze, think, reason, perceive, understand, discern, dream, imagine and visualize. 

The upper octave of the sixth chakra is also the center for the psychic gift of clairvoyance, a French word meaning “clear-seeing.” On the color spectrum, this chakra vibrates to the color indigo blue, like a clear winter sky at midnight. When it is balanced, this is the center of personal inner vision. 
Its mission statement is: “I see. I understand. I perceive. I imagine.” On an energy level, this center influences our ability to see the world and ourselves without distortion and opens our eyes to the world of beauty and art as essential food for the soul.

On an emotional level, imbalanced personal vision may cause you to have problems conveying ideas or perceiving the ideas of others. Other frequent personal vision problems are over-intellectualizing, disconnecting with the more subtle non-physical dimensions of life, and missing the point. 

A person whose personal vision is blocked may have great difficulty seeing others with an open mind and may tend to be controlling and perfectionist, putting up a false front and emphasizing appearances over honest self expression.

When our personal vision is sharp and balanced, it awakens our ability to look at life with a creative and positive point of view, and stimulates our thirst for knowledge and education in every possible way. When the third eye is fully balanced, a person will be able to see themselves and others as energetically fluid spiritual beings; they will have the power to create their own reality using their imagination, their freedom of choice and their insight.

Looking Past Appearances

Our center of personal vision is often referred to as our internal movie screen. It is upon this inner screen that we project our musings, imaginings and dreams and begin to form our life. This center serves as the primary laboratory for our ideas, inventions and perceptions and it is here in our imagination that most of us determine how we are going to experience life. So much of what we experience is, in fact, an internal drama dictated by our imagination. As Mark Twain wrote, “I’ve experienced many terrible things in life, a few of which actually happened.” 

When our sixth center is open and balanced, we pay close attention to the world around us and refrain from jumping to conclusions before learning all there is to know about any given situation or person. We come instead to intuitively understand that appearances can be misleading and there is always more than meets the eye.

I believe it’s important to emphasize the power to create that our visions and versions of the world possess. Whenever I encounter a client or student who holds a negative point of view, inevitably he or she has negative experiences. And when he or she holds a more optimistic and friendly outlook on life, they no doubt create something more positive. 

Last week I had two clients from the same office come for a consultation. The first saw her boss as a mean spirited and unfair dictator who pushed her too far, didn’t treat her respectfully and was abusive and insensitive. The second client saw the same boss as an overworked but extremely creative person who was dedicated to the business and the employees in it, sometimes forfeiting his own paycheck in order to offer bonuses and incentives to his employees as a thank you for their hard work. Who was right? They both were, according to what they envisioned.

How many times do we project a negative image onto others in order to justify our own insecurities? 

I had a client who insisted on seeing her husband as uncaring and rude, and ignored the fact that he worked three jobs in order that she might stay at home to raise their children, and perhaps his crabby behavior was due to the reality that he was tired and overworked rather than uncaring or rude. In her conflict over staying home rather than working she projected onto him that he was a bad guy.

How we see things is a choice. 

You can see the clerk at the grocery store as indifferent and impolite or you can look deeper and see the fatigue and exhaustion in his or her eyes and choose to overlook the grumpy behavior. You can see your kids as too busy to call you or you can look deeper and recognize that they are simply trying to get on their feet and its harder than when you were young. 

You can see the world as unfriendly and become defensive, creating a wall between you and others or you can see that you are simply afraid and fear rejection, and look in the mirror and see your own beauty and vulnerability, and recognize that the world might be able to see it too if you take the chance to let them in.

The more we want to see the truth behind appearances, the more we look deeply into things and not just at the surface before we draw our conclusions, the more we will come to understand the world around us and therefore make the best decisions in order to live in it. 

Looking into life rather than just at it awakens our intuition, our “inner teacher.” 

It activates our clairvoyant capacities and allows us to see more and more possible solutions and creative direction in all circumstances. This week, be curious, and allow yourself to look a little more deeply into things before you draw your conclusions. Take a moment to see the soul behind the person you are speaking with, or struggling with. Look intentionally for something lovable even in the most annoying or aggravating of associates. 

Look for your lessons in each situation. Look for your opportunity to grow. 

Balanced vision invites us all to see the beauty of the world around us. It you look, you’ll see it, in every single person you meet. Granted in some it may require a little digging but that makes the find all the more wonderful. And while you are at it, look in the mirror, and see the beauty that you are. Whether you see it or not, because spirit flows into your body, giving you the breath of life, you are Divine. Enjoy your beauty, and let it shine into the world!

–Sonia Choquette, PhD

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