Set It Free


A sweet angel of a girl I know, Laura, is a bird lover. She has such a beautiful relationship with birds. She speaks to them and they respond to her as if she is speaking their language. We were exchanging emails about a local exotic bird business for sale that I felt would be of interest to her and she told me that she didn’t feel that is was a lucrative enterprise for her to invest in presently. My response to her was, “passion is always lucrative.”

She said, “How true! I once sold birds from my home, a species of lovebird that is known to be almost impossible to tame. I just loved the little creatures and felt sad every time one was sold. Many people have expectations of birds that the birds just can’t fulfill because it is not in their nature. As a result their owners grow tired of them. I wanted my babies to be as special to their owner as they were to me.”

After reading her reply I got a vision of a caged bird set free and I thought ideas are like birds caged in our very own minds. Unless they are set free they cannot bring us what it is we want them to bring. Worry, doubt and fear actually keep our ideas caged in internal conflict. This is not a healthy breeding ground for our creative expression. As I pondered this idea I liked the metaphor more and more. Ideas that are repressed are liked caged birds. They have potential or in the case of birds, they are wings to fly with. But what good are wings in a cage?

Thoughts are things. Thoughts caged in fear do nothing but fester within the mind of the thinker and eventually die. Laura’s birds are free. She lets them fly free as they were meant to. She gives them the freedom to be. There is an old saying that, “when you love something, set it free and if it is meant to be with you it will return. If not the love you sent with it will bless another.”

Imagine if just for a moment, what kind of life we could live if we would allow our dreams the freedom to become what they were meant to be? Imagine what would happen if we sent out our ideas – our dreams, in love without fear, doubt or worry…just sent them out freely to be what they were meant to be. What kind of a world it would be? Can you see it?

Do you have a dream that you have been keeping in your mind for fear that it will not come true? Set it free. Give it wings to fly and we know it with fly home to you fulfilled.

Set it free…

–Ananda of Love

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Staying Centered and Focused


by Jennifer Hoffman -

I’m Ascending But I Can’t Get Up!

We are alternating between periods of breakneck speed transformation and achingly slow gaps of stillness, moving between trying to keep up with the changes that are being thrust on us to being stopped in our tracks. In the fast periods we focus on movement and doing what we need to in order to stay focused and grounded. And in the slow periods we are challenged to also stay grounded and address whatever is presented to us until the next period of movement.

We want the movement because that proves we are making progress and yet it is the slow periods in which we make our strongest advances. It is the difference between traveling on a fast-moving train, where the countryside zips by and walking, where we see every landmark in detail. But we would rather skip the details because they represent more work, clearing, healing, release and choices. Why can’t we just be done with it? Haven’t we done enough work already?

What we do not see is the debris that the transformation has kicked up, which is waiting for us to take action, to look at what has been dredged up in our lives and to work on it. So it’s what we do in these slow times that is important. What is calling to us that we are avoiding? Where is our resistance in the process? No one wants to cover ground they have been over again and again but there are no shortcuts and as we move farther into ascension we often have to go backwards with a new perspective and take another look at ourselves, do more release work as we uncover deeper wounds, greater fears and more stuck places.

In the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ there is a scene where Elizabeth cannot sleep as she realizes her marriage is over and she desperately cries out to God to tell her what to do. She begs and pleads, apologizes for not listening, promises to do better and waits for her answer. After a while she hears a small voice say “Go back to bed Elizabeth.” This is what we are hearing now, as we plead for mercy, “look within, release yourself, create new perspectives, find your power”. Not what we want to hear when we’re drowning in our misery.

And we have thrown down the misery gauntlet and then look to God and say “See, here I am in my misery. Am I miserable enough yet? Are you going to help me now?” And we get nothing in reply. Because it’s not about being miserable enough, it’s about finding joy. What is blocking us from being joy-ful in each moment? We’re not going to find it in the hoped-for rescue. The cavalry is not around the next corner and Prince Charming is on an extended holiday. We’re going to find it right where we are. The question we need to ask ourselves is “What are we doing about it?”

I have a big pot of mint on my deck and every day I admire it as I carefully cut off a few sprigs for tea and marvel at how lush and beautiful it is this summer. Then two days ago I was looking at my mint and it looked bare. Something had eaten three-fourths of it. What was once a big, lush plant is now a lot of ugly stalks. I didn’t see what ate it, I suspect it was a caterpillar or grasshopper. And it happened overnight. I had been so careful to cut the mint evenly and something just chewed right through it. I was so upset!

I was so focused on the plant and how well it is growing that I forgot about the other creatures that enjoy my plants too. So what am I going to do? Am I going to look at my mint plant every day and be mad at whatever ate it or enjoy what is still available to me while the plant fills out again?

Our keyword is to have patience but not to wait. Within our patience we can take action, stay focused, be mindful of this process and make room for joy. What can we do, every day, to stay within our power? What can we do to be happy, no matter how miserable we feel? God won’t take us out of our misery, that’s our job. But we will have doors open when we seek joy. I have decided to take ballet, in fulfillment of a childhood dream. It’s a small thing but it is something I can do now (and it’s good exercise).

I challenge you to find something that brings you joy as you wait for the movement to begin again and to rescue yourself out of your misery. What you will find as soon as you seek joy you will stop wondering when it will all end and enjoy the journey, and the movement will begin as soon as you stop worrying about it.

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation. Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you. Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity’s amazing shift in consciousness. Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times.

Your Purpose Will Find You

heart Pictures, Images and Photos
by Dr. Wayne Dyer -
We become what we think about all day long. What thoughts do you have that inhibit you from feeling as if you’re on purpose in your life? For instance, if you think that you’re separate from your pur­pose and that you’re drifting without direction through your life, then that’s precisely what you’ll attract.

Suppose, instead, that you know this is a purposeful universe where your thoughts, emotions, and actions are a part of your free will and are also connected to the power of intention. Suppose that your thoughts of being purposeless and aimless are really a part of your purpose. Just as the thought of losing someone you love makes you love them even more, or an illness makes you treasure your health, suppose that it takes the thought of your unimportance to make you realize your value.

When you’re awake enough to question your purpose and ask how to connect to it, you’re being prodded by the power of inten­tion. The very act of questioning why you’re here is an indication that your thoughts are nudging you to reconnect to the field of intention. What’s the source of your thoughts about your purpose? Why do you want to feel purposeful? Why is a sense of purpose con­sidered the highest attribute of a fully functioning person? The source of thought is an infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence.

In a sense, thoughts about your purpose are really your purpose trying to reconnect to you. That inner beingness knows why you’re here, but your ego prods you to chase after money, prestige, popularity, and sensory pleas­ures and miss the purpose of living. You may feel sated and gain a reputation, but inside there’s that gnawing feeling typified by the old Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is?”

Focusing on the demands of the ego leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Deep within you, at the level of your being, is what you were intended to become, to accomplish, and to be. In that inner placeless place, you’re con­nected to the power of intention. It will find you.

Make a conscious effort to contact it and listen. Practice being what you are at the source of your soul. Go to your soul level, where intention and pur­pose fit together so perfectly that you achieve the epiphany of sim­ply knowing this is it.

Developing Discernment

by Mashubi Rochell –

Learning to See Truth in Today’s Complex World:

A new time is upon us as the many challenges of today’s world escalate and cry out for healing. What is needed now is concerted action on the part of each individual, to join together with others to create positive change in the world. This is not always as easy as it sounds, for the problems we face individually and collectively are multi-layered, and the process of attempting to create positive change activates many forces that oppose change.

Another challenge faced by anyone who wished to help create positive change in the world, is that of developing discernment and the ability to see underneath the surface of things to understand what is really going on. This ability to discern truth will become even more important in the years ahead.

In today’s world, there is much at stake and all of us have a part to play in helping to create the kind of world that we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren. How then do we navigate the enormous complexities of today’s world, and make the kinds of decisions and choices that will have a positive outcome?

The following are some ways that you can begin to hone your innate sense of truth and to develop discernment in relation to the information you receive.

1. Truth has a vibration, a quality of energy that can be felt. We are born with the ability to sense this, and many of us had to “learn” to ignore our truth sense in order to survive in the world. Truth can be felt in the body, the mind and the heart. You can begin to develop discernment by having the intention to do so. Your intention will activate a learning process that will create a healing process that restores your natural inner sense of truth.

2. Remember that all information has a bias. In today’s world, the mainstream media sources of information all have vested financial interests and biases that they transmit through their broadcasts. You need to develop the ability to question what you are hearing or seeing, to do your own research, and then asking your “inner truth meter” whether the information feels credible to you.

3. When you need to make important decisions about people, you need to have your own experience of that individual. It is not enough to listen to experts commenting on that person, you need to see and hear them yourself, or read what they have written in their own words. Pay attention not just to the words, but to what is said underneath the words, through the body language and energy of the person.

4. Learn to pay attention to your body’s subtle physical and emotional signals, which often have information that your conscious mind may have learned to ignore. This is useful in all situations, and especially in relation to listening to other people speak. Your innate inner truth sense is always operating, even when you may have learned to not listen to it. For example, you notice that whenever you hear a particular person speak, you find yourself feeling tense and getting a little spaced out, and you “tune out” their words. Another person that you see appears seems likeable enough, but your “gut feelings” put up a red flag, and just don’t trust them. Another person speaks and you find yourself feeling empowered and uplifted, and want to hear more of what they say. These body signals can provide important information to you that is beyond what your conscious mind is aware of.

5. Become aware of your own emotional baggage that you carry, that may influence your choices. For example, if you grew up with an abusive father and developed a problem with authority figures, become aware of the emotional dynamics that are operating in your life as a result of this. How does your past affect the choices you make in your life today? How do these influence your perceptions of people? Do these choices empower you today? You have the ability to see clearly, beyond your personal emotional pain of the past.

As each of us creates the intention to see clearly and to make choices based on our own inner sense of truth, we can expand the network of love, light and truth in the world and help to create a more positive future for all of humanity.

Loving Your Physical Body

by Dr. Joshua David Stone-

Your physical body is part of God’s physical body. We are Sons and Daughters of God and incarnations of God living in physical bodies. The physical body is our Temple just as the infinite material universe is God’s temple.

The physical body has a consciousness. There are tiny elemental beings that live in our physical body that have helped to create it, esoterically known as the “body elemental.” It is possible to communicate with the body elemental and we must train ourselves to get in touch with it. When the physical body gets sick or goes haywire, this means there is some lesson you need to learn. You must adjust your consciousness and lifestyle to work with the wants and needs of the physical body.

The physical body is the instrument and vehicle of the Soul, which is you! It has a consciousness but it is not meant to run your life. You are meant to run your life. It must be integrated, loved and honored, but just as with your other bodies, you are meant to be the captain of your own ship and make all your bodies (Spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical) serve you.

How is your Physical Body Affected?

Every thought you think lodges some place in your aura and affects the physical body! Every feeling and emotion you feel affects the physical body. The subconscious mind is the seat of your feelings and emotions. You can’t feel anger, for example, without this affecting your liver and organs. People often get ulcers from worrying. So, you see the connections between Spirit, mind, feelings and your physical body!

If you don’t love your physical body, you can imagine the adverse effect it can have on the physical body. Your physical body is part of God’s body in a microcosmic sense. To not love it is to not love a part of God! It also means to not love the consciousness and intelligence that has created the form and is constantly maintaining the form. So, strive to love, care for and honor your physical body as well as maintain Self-Mastery over it. It should be done in a balanced and integrated manner in order for you to achieve full God Realization and Perfect Radiant Health!

about Joshua David Stone

♥Angel Love♥

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Living Out Loud

by Keith Varnum –

Every time someone asks us a question, we have a choice to make, “How much truth shall I express?” “How much of my True Self should I reveal?” Among our choices are the “convenient” truth, the “diplomatic” truth, the “socially accepted” truth, or the “absolute” truth—that is, “the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!”

Do any of us even know the absolute truth about any situation in our lives? And can we ourselves handle the whole truth all at once about any subject? Let alone share that depth with others? I make a practical choice. I state to myself this daily intention: “I allow myself to express as much truth as I am now safe and clear enough to express lovingly and gracefully.”

What’s the Big Deal? Why is it so important to tell as much truth as you can in life? There’s an awesome power in personal authenticity and accuracy. When we express ourselves genuinely, we’re choosing freedom and happiness over the prison and pathos of lies.

When we tell the truth, we bring ourselves into the joy of integrity simply by describing what is so. We exchange the suffering of lying for the delight of heartful expression. An honest person is unbound and content by virtue of not being lost in their own fictions.

Living Out Loud is communication that is honest, open, direct, complete and transparent. Until we are honest with who we are, we can never really connect with other people. Releasing a heavy load of pretense leads to real aliveness and intimacy with others. When we shed our armor and start telling the truth, we are accepted by others. And we then have the freedom to create what we want in life according to our own preferences, rather than imagined obligations and role requirements.

More Love – Telling more truth more of the time is a great way to live and a great way to love. We’re not loving anybody to whom we are lying. Contrary to what your mind might tell you, lies don’t help you attract more love, romance and sex. Truth does!

A Lying Lifestyle – In a recent survey of 40,000 Americans, 93% admitted to lying “regularly and habitually in the workplace.” And we lie almost as much in our personal lives. By making lying a lifestyle, we’ve missed the creative power and fun of simply being our Real Selves. Lying isn’t wrong; it’s just very hazardous to our health and happiness.

When We Tell the Truth, We…

·Quit invalidating the brilliant nature of our unique spirit.

·Interact with others as the wise beings we are, instead of the masks we are not.

·Expose the untruths in the present that are blocking our health, wealth and happiness.

·Discover firsthand that life works best when we express ourselves authentically.

·Are the same person with everyone in our lives: our parents, family, friends, lover, boss.

Quit the Maintenance Project – Lying to ourselves and others by trying to maintain a false picture of our life is the primary source of most tension and anxiety. The stress of constantly pretending, avoiding being found out, and trying to maintain inauthentic relationships is an ongoing source of inner conflict and misery.

Popular Fallacies about the Benefits of Lying:

1. The mind often tells us that we need to lie about something to stay safe. But by being inaccurate about the facts, we mislead ourselves into perceiving a false reality. And, in the absence of clarity and accuracy, our life decisions are made from cover-up and denial, which is anything but safe.

2. Our emotions say to us that the truth is too scary. But the truth leads to relief, release and freedom. Lying leads to a self-imposed fear of life itself—that is, the actual reality of any situation.

3. The mind convinces us that lying is easy. In actuality, lies take immense amounts of energy to maintain—and thus deplete our vitality. And being dishonest is restrictive. Open, spontaneous, unedited expression is invigorating.

4. Many people believe that it works to lie. At first people may buy into your misinformation. But deep down everyone knows when we’re lying to them. Our honest feedback or response is the greatest gift we can give to another person. People love us when we give up our pretense. And, remember, our life experiences are uniquely ours. Validation by others doesn’t make our experience right. Disagreement doesn’t make our experience wrong.

5. A commonly held belief is that lying is practical. This may appear to be the case in the short run. However, the truth about any situation eventually comes to the surface. Then the lie has created a bigger problem than it originally avoided. Lying is not effective over the long haul of life. When we don’t admit right away what is real and factual, false assumptions get set in motion that eventually backfire on us.

The Truth is Our Best Friend - Joy and love grow and last when our daily expression is aligned with our soul purpose and passion. It’s more fun and exciting to be aware and accurate than it is to be numb and in denial. Once we experience the difference between the aliveness of being present and the dullness of being unconscious, we realize the choice is a no-brainer, so to speak!

Benefits of Honest Communication

·Improved relationships with boss, peers and clients at work

·Increased sexual pleasure with your partner

·A body and environment that truly supports us in being ourselves

·Rapid healing of the past

·A livelihood that expresses one’s genuine self

·More effectiveness in manifesting the future you desire

·A lighter, easier life that is more fulfilling

Truth Begets Energy – When we’re in our minds thinking—and editing what we’re saying—we’re lost somewhere in the remembered past or imagined future. We’re not here and now where our creative power is.

As we show up fully in the present to handle each moment of life accurately, we emancipate tremendous energy that comes home to us as our personal power. More energy can flow through a congruent, aligned life. Each time we align our actions with our Real Self, the energy is released that was holding the non-harmonious lies in place. As we deal with each new life encounter with integrity, we naturally undo the patterns of inaccurate, inappropriate and non-aligned decisions that were made when we were lying. We can use this liberated creative life force to fund our deepest dreams.

When we tell ourselves the truth about what truly is—and is not—working in our lives, we can make real and lasting changes. Real magic occurs when we deal with what is really so in our lives, instead of what we wish, think, believe, hope or assert is true. Being present in our truth is more effective, helpful, powerful, safe and loving than living unconsciously in lies.

Hidden Souls

by Skye Thomas –

I suppose it’s the nature of the thing that you would feel that you are alone and that nobody else is going through what you are going through. You have worked on yourself, healing, changing, growing, and becoming more enlightened as to the way the game of life is played. The result is that you really don’t feel like playing anymore. No, you aren’t suicidal, but rather you just want to be left alone. You see the world as superficial and fake. You see the people you love self-destructing right before your very eyes and you have tried to help them only to find that your help is not wanted. You have even wrestled with that until you understand that you cannot force others to accept your enlightenment and your wisdom. You cannot force others to accept your views of life, of peace, of balance, of harmony, of personal reflection, and self-accountability. Eventually, like a hermit, you go off to live your simple perfectly balanced beautiful little life alone.

This is not the same as the lost souls who do not know who they are or where they are in life. This is about those souls who know exactly who they are, where they are in life, and have a pretty good idea of where they are heading and what it will look like when they get there. These people have ambition, direction, drive, and often some form of a spiritual calling, a higher ideal, or a humanitarian cause that motivates them to give of themselves to humanity in ways that others cannot understand. These souls hear a small voice whispering to them to go public with their peaceful harmonious ways. But going public is noisy, harsh, rude, prejudiced, and often dangerous for the gentle calm souls. So they hide.

Anger and pain controls a lot of people. It’s a sad fact. We all know someone who still allows their childhood wounds to dictate and control their every decision. We all know of people who are afraid to really open up and love someone else for fear of being rejected and hurt again. Anger is a passionate motivator. People who are really ticked off are seldom docile and quiet about it. Take an angry mob and see how long you can keep them in a peaceful calm quiet logical state. Anger is overwhelming and powerful. It controls and threatens whatever looks like the source of that rage, fear, or pain.

Now look at love and inner peace. By nature, love is not controlling or dominating. It is a light that shines and warms, but it does not push and shove. Take a crowd of people who are all in a loving openhearted peaceful state, like a congregation after listening to a beautiful uplifting sermon, or an audience who has just watched a musician play something amazingly spellbinding that touches their deepest heart. For just a moment, the crowd sits awash in the joyful calm not wanting to break the sacred silence.

The hidden souls are trying to live their lives like that congregation and the truth is, it is hard to hold onto our warm cozy feelings while being cut off in traffic, screamed at by irate customers, and listening to a critic say that we aren’t very good at whatever gift we are trying to offer the world. It’s so much easier for the musician to play alone in his room, the writer journals just for themselves, the artist hides their work away, and the heart does not reach out to new people anymore. These people hide their gentle souls because they want to remain gentle in a world that is harsh and often cruel.

Then that small voice of spirit calls out from the inner sanctuary of our minds telling us we must come forward and share our gifts. “The world needs your gift as much as you need to share it.” Terrified, we wrestle with that guiding voice telling it to leave us alone in our hermit’s nest. It is in that struggle to maintain our loving hearts while confronted with other people’s hatred that we find just how sacred the love in our hearts is.

You were taught how to hold an inner light while held safely away from the chaos and ugliness of the “real world.” You were spiritually healed, taught, and enlightened in your safe sanctuary, but that is just a false world designed for the beginner to learn. Once you have mastered your own heart and mind and have learned how to be a truly beautifully balanced loving soul, then you will be kicked out of the nest and told to go spread that light. Yes, you are different from what appears to be the norm. You won’t know how many others are out there just like you until you come out of your hiding spot and begin to interact on a deep heartfelt level with all of humanity.

You must step into the darkness or nobody will know that you are a shining light, my dear. Yes, I know you are content to simply light up your safe secret little corner of the world. Yes, I know that you no longer have an ego attachment that needs for the world to see you as shining and glorious. You would be perfectly content hiding away in your sanctuary, working, singing, laughing, and loving just the safest people that you have met. However, it’s not for you that you must shine your light into the darkness. It’s for those lost souls who are frightened, broken, and alone. It is so seldom that a Gandhi or a Mother Theresa appears on the scene, that the lost souls do not believe that unconditional love really exists on a day-to-day level. You do not build lighthouses in safe sunny places. You put them on the edge of the shore where the storms are. You are a beacon of light in the storm of humanity. Deal with it, and get to work doing what you were trained to do.